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ATI Capstone Leadership Exam Questions solved 100% correct 2024

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ATI Capstone Leadership Exam Questions solved 100% correct 2024 A nurse is conducting a home visit with an older adult client, what observation should the nurse address to promote safe environment {A... ns: - low chairs without armrests A nurse is planning discharge teaching for a pt who has multiple sclerosis, what action should the nurse plan to include {Ans: - teach the pt to avoid extremes in hot and cold temps A nurse is caring for a pt who has an ethical conflict about the care she is receiving, what resources should the nurse consult about resolving the dilemma {Ans: - hospital ethics committee A parent of a child who is terminally ill tells a nurse that she wants to take her child home, what response should the nurse make {Ans: - tell me more about your desires A nurse is using the ecologic model for population health to develop interventions to address hiv in a community, what interventions should the nurse include to address financial factors affecting community health {Ans: - distribute condoms through remote community clinics After signing a informed consent form, a client states, "i have changed my mind and do not want to have the procedure" which of the following actions should the nurse take? {Ans: - notify the surgeon that the client wishes to withdraw informed consent for the procedure [Show More]

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