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HESI LPN Comprehensive Exit Exam with Rationale.

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HESI LPN Comprehensive Exit Exam with Rationale. A 14-year-old female arrives in the school nurse's office seeking information about healthcare agencies in the community. The practical nurse (PN)... understands the client can make an autonomous healthcare decision if she has which circumstance? A. Pregnancy. B. Funds to pay for her own care. C. Homelessness. D. A life-threatening condition. Rationale: According to the supreme court a minor who is pregnant (A) can make an autonomous healthcare decision A newborn with apnea is being discharged from the hospital with home monitoring. What information concerning the infant's care should the practical nurse review with the parents? A. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). B. Administration of intravenous antibiotics. C. Reassurance that the infant cannot be electrocuted during monitoring. D. Advise that the infant not be left with caretakers, such as babysitters. Rationale: Apnea of infancy (AOI) engenders great anxiety in parents, and the initiation of home monitoring presents additional emotional stress. When home monitoring is required the parents should receive instructions that include cardiopulmonary resuscitation(A). (B) does not indicate Apnea Which protocol regarding standard policies about prescriptions should the practical nurse (PN) question? A. All drug prescriptions should have the date, time, and prescriber's signature. B. Verbal orders are accepted from prescribers and should include signatures. C. Prescribers may write specific times at which the medications are to be given. D. Preoperative prescriptions should be resumed after a client returns from surgery [Show More]

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