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NR 602 Week 8 Final Exam (Real Exam Study Solutions)

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NR 602 Week 8 Final Exam (Real Exam Study Solutions) Question: A sexually active 18-years old presents with postcoital spotting, dysuria and a yellow discharge. On exam you find her cervix is erythem... atous and bleeds with contact. The most likely diagnosis is Question: One of the leading causes of female infertility, Stein-Leventhal syndrome is Question: HIV test is indicated for a (n) Question: Which of the following contraceptive methods would be best for a woman with sickle cell anemia? Question: A Patient taking metronidazole and cimetidine at the same time is at risk for: Question: A 58-year old woman complain of severe vulvular pruritis. On examination of the vulva, you note thinning of the epidermis and loss of pigmentation, as well as maculopapular lesions. You suspect the diagnosis may be Question: Measuring waist circumference is most appropriate when the client’s BMI place her in which of the following categories? Question: The levonogestrel releasing IUC may be a better choice then the copper releasing IUC for a woman who: Question: A 30-year old is seen in your office on day 18 of her cycle for her routine annual examination. She has no complaints. Pelvic exam reveals a 9-cm firm, pelvic mass anterior to the uterus. The most likely diagnosis is Question: First line treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome is Question: A 45-year old female presents with complaint of lower abdominal pain with urinary urgency and frequency for the past three months. The pain is worse during sexual intercourse and relieved somewhat when she urinates. Physical exam reveals suprapubic tenderness as well as tenderness along the anterior vaginal wall and urethra. The remainder of her exam is normal. What diagnosis best fits these findings? Question: If you diagnose a cervical gonococcal infection, which other infection is probably present? Question: A 24-year old female presents to your office with a request for combination contraceptives. Her current medications include a bronchodilator for asthma. Management for this client should include advising her that: Question: The CDC recommendation for follow-up of a female treated for PID with a recommended outpatient regimen is: Question: A 16-year old woman has not [Show More]

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NR 602 Week 8 - Final Exams Solutions, Final Exam Study Guide And Final Exam Preparation

NR 602 Week 8 - Final Exams Solutions, Final Exam Study Guide And Final Exam Preparation

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