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DEPARTMENT 102: Mental Health Disorders. Exam. Graded A

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DEPARTMENT 102: Mental Health Disorders. Exam 1. A nurse is caring for a client exhibiting compulsive behaviors. The nurse concludes that the compulsive behavior usually incorporates the use of whi... ch defense mechanism? 2. A client is found to have a borderline personality disorder. What behavior does the nurse consider is most typical of these clients? 3. A client who uses ritualistic behavior taps other clients on the shoulders three times as part of the ritual. What does the nurse infer about this client? 4. A client with a recent history of binge eating and purging is admitted to the eating disorder unit with a diagnosis of bulimia nervosa. How does the nurse explain bulimia nervosa to the family? 5. A client experiencing nonspecific, excessive, unpleasant feelings of being worried concerning one's safety likely is experiencing which mental health disorder? 6. A client who has been found to have bipolar disorder, manic episode, has been sleeping very little and has not eaten in the 2 weeks preceding hospitalization. What does the nurse conclude is the frequent cause of feeding problems in the overactive client? 7. A young adolescent is found to have anorexia nervosa. What does the nurse understand probably precipitated the anorexia nervosa? 8. COCAINE: SADNESS and PYSCHOMOTOR AGIATION 9. The nurse can identify the most commonly demonstrated comorbid disorders associated with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) by assessing the client for which of the following? 10. A client is admitted to the mental health hospital with the diagnosis of major depression. What is a common problem that clients experience with this diagnosis? 11. A nurse who plans to care for a client with an obsessive-compulsive disorder should understand that the client’s personality can usually be characterized in what way? 12. A nurse in the mental health clinic is counseling a client with the diagnosis of depression. During the counseling session the client says, "Things always seem the same. They never change." The nurse suspects that the client is feeling hopeless. For what indication of hopelessness should the nurse assess the client? 13. A client is admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of depression. What clinical manifestations of depression does the nurse expect when assessing this client? 14. What is the greatest difficulty for nurses caring for the severely depressed client? 15. A student is anxious about an upcoming examination but is able to study intently and does not become distracted by a roommate's talking and loud music. What level of anxiety is demonstrated by the student's ability to shut out the distractions? 16. A nurse is caring for a client exhibiting compulsive behaviors. The nurse concludes that the compulsive behavior usually incorporates the use of which defense mechanism? 17. When caring for clients who are demonstrating manic behavior, the nurse must constantly reassess these clients' physical needs. What characteristic about these clients makes this particularly important? 18. A female accountant comes to the health clinic for a preemployment physical. During the health history the new employee frequently states, "I feel so nervous about starting this job." She is able to connect with her feelings, thoughts, and actions but constantly focuses her attention on starting the new job. What does the nurse determine that the client is exhibiting? 19. A nurse is teaching a client and family about the characteristics of dementia of the Alzheimer type. What physiologic characteristic should the nurse include 20. 21. [Show More]

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