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Hum 111 Week 8 Assignment 2 {2020} | Hum111 Week 8 Assignment 2 _ Graded A

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Humanities 111 Week 8 Assignment 2 {2020} Strayer University Abstract This paper contrasts the life and accomplishments of two great women in history (Cleopatra of Egypt, and Wu Ze2tian of China).... Both were intelligent and powerful rulers, but their rise to power were not both well-earned in my humble opinion. This paper looks at the differences in beginnings. Both were born into relative royalty, however the social and political climates were starkly different.Humanities 111: Week 8 Assignment 2 2 Table of Contents TOPIC PAGE Abstract 2 Great accomplishments by different means 4 Life 4 Rise to power 5 Accomplishments 6 Conclusion 7 References 9Humanities 111: Week 8 Assignment 2 3 Wu (Zhou) Zetian and Cleopatra: great accomplishments by different means In this paper I will focus on the background / life, rise to power, and accomplishments of these great women. In this paper I want to show that each were brilliant, but that Cleopatra was driven more by a love for Egypt and a hatred for Rome. I believe that Cleopatra knew that Rome had put her family in power and that Egypt would never be what it once was. In contrast, Wu Zetian was motivated by power first, although she wanted to champion women’s accomplishments. I believe that this was a - - - - - - - - - - Continued [Show More]

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