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TN Esthetics State Board Exam Review Questions And Answers (100% Verified)

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TN Esthetics State Board Exam Review Questions And Answers (100% Verified) What term refers to the ability to produce an effect - efficacy What term indicates that a product is capable of destroying... bacteria - bactericidal Resistance to a disease that is partly inherited and partly developed through healthy living - natural immunity What is porous - made or constructed of a material that has openings What are bacilli - short rod shaped bacteria What is scabbies - contagious disease caused by the itch mite What is staphylococci - pus-forming bacterial that grow in clusters (grapes) Flagella - slender, hair like extensions used by parasites for locomotion Microscopic germ-exists in tap water in small numbers - mycobacterium fortuitum Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus - [Show More]

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