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NR 602 Week 5 Quiz GYN disorders Practice Questions and Answers GradeAplus

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Question: What is the most common cause of chronic Pelvic Pain ? Question: Pelvic pain in adolescents is usually due to ? Question: What dietary supplement helps with PMS ? Question: Common type of... UTI in women ? Question: Emergency Contraceptive Pills (Plan B, “morning-after pill”) can do what ? Question: Primary side effect of Estrogen Therapy? Question: Breast CA markers, BRCA-1 & BRCA-2 mutations are accountable for what % of Breast Cancers ? Question: On which hormone is Ovulation dependent? Question: When is a pelvic exam unnecessary for a woman who is experiencing abnormal uterine bleeding ? Question: Exercise reduces Amenorrhea due to low body fat and decreases secretion of what ? Question: Signs of endometrial or cervical cancer may present with abnormal bleeding described as what ? Question: What is the best definition of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB) ? Question: Which of the following is caused by anaerobic protozoa that commonly live in the vagina? Question: The second most commonly reported STI after chlamydia is what ? Question: Routine HPV vaccination is recommend for girls of what age ? Question: What is the common symptom of bacterial vaginosis (BV)? Question: Which organism causes 90% of vulvovaginal candidiasis episodes in women? Question: What is the most common SX of vulvovaginal candidiasis? Question: How is Vaginosis different from Vaginitis? Question: What bacterial infection does Vaginosis lead to ? Question: Approximately what % of women with bacterial vaginosis (BV) are asymptomatic? Question: What is the term for inflammation of the vagina characterized by an increased vaginal discharge containing numerous WBCs ? Question: Acute cervicitis is an inflammation of the cervix characterized by: Question: Carcinoma of the cervix is often considered to be a sexually transmitted disease associated with_____ viral infection. Question: Pelvic inflammatory disease, an inflammation of the female upper reproductive tract, is caused by: Question: Endometriosis is characterized by painful hemorrhagic lesions in the pelvis and complications that include: Question: Leiomyomas are smooth muscle fibroid tumors that usually develop in: Question: Symptoms of difficulty in emptying the bladder, frequency, and urgency of urination are common in women with: Question: Although there are no effective screening methods for ovarian cancer, and early symptoms are usually absent, there are high-risk indicators that include: Question: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is ovarian dysfunction … by a combination of hormone imbalances that include______ levels. Question: In the lactating woman, mastitis is usually the result of: Question: Women are screened regularly for risk factors and manifestations of breast cancer. Question: Which of the following signs and symptoms is most likely to accompany a diagnosis of vulvodynia? Question: A 21-year-old college student has sought care because of the vaginal burning, itching, and redness that have become worse in recent weeks. Which of the clinicians assessment questions is most likely to apply to a diagnosis of vaginitis? Question: A 29-year-old patient had a Papanicolaou smear performed during her most recent visit to her primary care provider. This diagnostic procedure aims to identify: Question: Which of the following physiologic processes is … by estrogens? Question: Which of the following disorders of the female genitourinary system is most likely to result from a disruption in normal endocrine function? Question: Which of the following complaints by middle-aged women should prompt a care provider to rule out the possibility of ovarian cancer? Question: The NP is conducting a healthy living workshop to a group of younger women. Which of the following screening recommendations should the NP provide to the participants? Question: Which of the following processes is a component of the pathogenesis of proliferative breast lesions without atypia? Question: Which of the following physiologic changes results in menopause? Question: A 59-year-old woman with a recent diagnosis of breast cancer has begun a course of hormone therapy. What is the goal of this pharmacologic treatment? [Show More]

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