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NUR 2513 / NUR2513 Maternal Child Nursing Final Exam Concept Guide | Module 6-8 | Rated A | Latest | Rasmussen College

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NUR 2513 / NUR2513 Maternal Child Nursing Final Exam Concept Guide | Module 6-8 1. Caring for the developing child • Newborns/Infants-  Normal growth weight for infants: double their birth w... eight by 6 months and triple their weight by 1 year.  Infants are obligatory nose breathers (don’t know how to breathe through mouth) if you block their nasal passages, they don’t know how to open their mouth and breath. Do not put a lot of stuff in their crib, if something falls on their face it can cause SIDS. • Toddlers- 1-3 years old.  Food JAGS; This is when they prefer one food item and they are very picky eater. It is very common and normal and the parents should be educated on this.  Use play, objects and toys to communicate with them (let them play with stethoscope/let them listen to heart on teddy bear)  When administering oral medication, you can let the parents, give it since they will be giving it at home (children are more cooperative with parents)  Assess gross motor skills; (should be able to run and jump downstairs) ability to ride a tricycle, kick a ball, climb stairs and go up and down slide by themselves by the time they are 3 years old.  Should be able to hold a spoon appropriately,  Use a large crayon appropriately/make artwork etc. • School Age- 6-12 years old.  Should have a best friend,  Gain about 4-6 pounds and grow about 2 inches a year, [Show More]

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