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Stott Pilates Exam Prep Questions & Answers 2024-How is STOTT Pilates different that original Joseph Pilates method? - the imprint does not press lumbar spine to mat What is another term used to ... describe mid-sagittal plane? A) Transverse B) Circuduction C) Frontal D) Medial Plane - D Rotation does not occur at which of the following joints: A) knee joint B) pelvis C) elbow joint D) spine - C Lordosis describes which of the following? A) An exaggerated curve in the lumbar spine B) A flat lumbar spine C) A hyper extended spine D)A flexed thoracic spine - A Lattisimus Dorsi is involved in all but which of the following? A) Extension B) Retraction C) Medially Rotates D) Flexion - D Lattismus Dorsi assists in forced expiration? A) True B) False - A Which muscle flexes the knee and extends the hip? A) Rectus Femoris B) Semimembranousous C) Semitendinous D Bicepts Femoris - D Which muscle protracts the scapula? A) Latissumus Dorsi B) Serratus Anterior C) Rhomboids D) Mid Trapezius - B Which joint involves the glenoid fossa? A) Shoulder Joint B) Knee Joint C) Elbow Joint - A What does contra-lateral mean? A) same side of body B) front side of body C) opposite side of body - C The scapula articulates which of the following? A) Ribs B) Clavicle C) Spine - B Which of the following is not one of the Joseph Pilates original principles? A) Breathing B) Precision C) Scapular Placement D) Control - C Which bony landmark is on the femur? A) ASIS B) PSIS C) Lesser Trochantor - C Gluteus Max does not do which of the following? A) medial rotate at the hip B) laterally rotate at the hip C) Extend at the hip - A What is the action of the Serratus Posterior Superior? A) Retracts the ribs during inspiration B) Elevates the ribs during inspiration C) Protracts the ribs during inspiration - B What is typically present in kyphosis-lordosis posture? A) Posterior tilt in pelvis B) Anterior tilt in pelvis C) Neutral tilt in pelvis - B Which of the following muscle fibers run mainly horizontally? A) Rectus Abdominus B) Transversus Abdominus C) Internal Abdominal Oblique D) External Abdominal Oblique E) Obliques - B If the thoracic spine is flat, which of the following is present? A) Lengthened B) Neutral C) Imprint - A What is not an anatomical structure? A) Obturator Foramen B) Obturator Externus C) Obturator Internus - A [Show More]

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