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Dosage Calculations FINAL Exam 100 Questions With Updated 100% Correct Answers A+ GRADE

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Dosage Calculations FINAL Exam 100 Questions With Updated 100% Correct Answers A+ GRADE 1. Furosemide50mgIVpushnow.Available:Furosemide40mg/10mL How many mL will you give? Answer 12.5 2. T... heIVorderisforD5Wtoinfuseat100mL/hr.Thedropfactoris10gtt/mL.Howmanydropsperminute (gtt/min) should the IV be regulated? Answer 17 3. 4Tablespoons= teaspoons? Answer 12 4. Order:Cinoxacin1g/day,PO,intwodivideddosesDrugavailable:500mgcapsules How many milligrams would you give per dose? Answer500 5. ThemedicationorderistoadministerProzac40mgPOqid.Available:Prozacliquid20mgper5mL How many mL will you administer? 6. Order:35mgofamedicationbymouthtidPatientweight:99pounds Safe dose range: 2 to 4 mg/kg/day This is a safe medication order. A) True B) False Answer A)True 7. Thenursewantstogive2gofmagnesiumsulfateandhasavailableamedicationlabeled50%magnesium sulfate in 20 mL. HowmanymLwillthenurseadminister?Answer 4 8. TheBSAofa5-year-oldpatientis0.9m2 Medicationorder:Carmustine75mg/m2everydaytimes2daysAvailable:100mg/10mLvial The patient would receive a dose of mL/day times 2 days. Answer 6.8 9. Order:LR1000mLat90mL/hr.Howmanyhoursarerequiredtoadministerthefollowingfluidatthegiven rate? Answer 11.1 10. TheBSAofapatientwhois3yearsoldis0.62m2.Medicationorder:Daunorubicin25mg/m2weekly Available: 2 mg/mL in 25 mL vial Thepatientwouldreceiveadose of mg/week. Answer 15.5 11. Medicationorder:lidocaine,continuousinfusionat2mg/minontheinfusionpump.Available:IVof500mL D5W with 2 g lidocaine added Whatwillbethehourlyratefortheinfusionpump(mL/hour)?Answer 30 12. Patientweight:32kg Medicationorder:Nitroprusside2mcg/kg/minPediatricdose:200-500mcg/kg/hr Drugavailable:Nitroprusside50mg/5mLDilution:50.5mgin250mLofNSat19mL/hr Will this dilution deliver 2 mcg/kg/min? A) True B) False Answer A)True 13. Whatistheweightinpoundsofsomeonewhoweighs100KGs? Answer 220 14. Calculatethetotaldoseofamedicationtobeadministeredifapatientweighs22poundsandistobegiven 60mg/kg/day? [Show More]

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