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AAAE ACE Operations Module 1 ( Latest 2023 / 2024 ) Latest Questions With Complete Grade A Answers

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1. How many airports are in the NPIAS and what three types are included? Answer: - 3,380 airports; 1) commercial service, 2) reliever, 3) select GA 2. What are the three defining characteristics of ... commercialservice airports?- Answer: 1) open to the public 2) receive scheduled passenger service 3) 2,500 or moreenplaned passenger per year 3. What type of airport has commercial service and over 10,000 annual enplanements? Answer: Primary airport 4. Primary airports are split into 4 categories, what are they and how are they defined? Answer: Large Hub (>1% of all US annual enplanements); Medium Hub (0.25% to 1%); Small Hub (0.05-0.25%); Non-Hub (10,000 to 0.05%) 5. How many enplanements characterize a non-primary commercial serviceairport? Answer: between 2,500 and 10,000 enplanements per year 6. What characterizes a reliever airport? Answer: 1) open to the public; 2) 100 or morebased aircraft or 25,000 annual operations 7. General aviation airports can be included in the NPIAS under what circumstances? Answer: If they have at least 10 locally based aircraft and are at least 20 miles from a NPIAS airport 8. What plan provides guidelines for an airport's capital development over a20-year timeframe? Answer: Master Plan 9. What isthe set of drawingsthatshowsthe airport'slong-term development, updated in accordance with grant assurance number 29? Answer: Airport Layout Plans 10. Runway design standards are based on what three primary factors? Answer: 1) airplane design group (wingspan); 2) aircraft approach category (approach speed); 3) approach visibility minimums 11. Taxiway and taxilane design standards are based on what primary factor?- Answer: airplane design group (wingspan) [Show More]

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