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2024 AHIP Module 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (ACTUAL TEST ) Questions and Answers (Solved)

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1. Mr. Moy's wife has a Medicare Advantage plan, but he wants to under- stand what coverage Medicare Supplemental Insurance provides since his health care needs are different from his wife's needs.... What could you tell Mr.Moy? Answer: Medicare Supplemental Insurance would help cover his Part A and Part B deductibles or coinsurance in Original Fee-for-Service (FFS) Medicare as well as possibly some services that Medicare does not cover. 2. Mildred Savage enrolled in Allcare Medicare Advantage plan several yearsago. Mildred recently learned thatshe is suffering from inoperable cancer andhas just a few months to live. She would like to spend these final months in hospice care. Mildred's family asks you whether hospice benefits will be paidfor under the Allcare Medicare Advantage plan.Whatshould you say? Answer: Mildredmay remain enrolled in Allcare and make a hospice election. Hospice benefits will be paid for by Original Medicare under Part A and Allcare will continue to pay for any non-hospice services. 3. Ms. Moore plans to retire when she turns 65 in a few months. She is in excellent health and will have considerable income when she retires. Sheis concerned that her income will make it impossible for her to qualify forMedicare.What could you tell her to address her concern? Answer: Medicare is a program for people age 65 or older and those under age 65 with certain disabilities,end-stage renal disease, and Lou Gehrig's disease so she will be eligible for Medicare. 4. Mrs. Chen will be 65 soon, has been a citizen for twelve years, has been employed full time, and paid taxes during that entire period. She is concernedthatshe will not qualify for coverage under part A because she was not born inthe United States. What should you tell her? Answer: Most individuals who are citizens and age 65 or over are covered under Part A by virtue of having paid Medicare taxes while working, though some may be covered as a result of paying monthly premiums. [Show More]

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