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2024 ATLS Module 4 - Thoracic Trauma Latest Questions With Complete Grade A Answers

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1. What percent of blunt chest injuries require operation? Answer: <10% 2. What % of penetrating chest trauma requires surgery Answer: 15-30% 3. Goal of early intervention of thoracic trauma Answ... er: correct hypoxia 4. Assessment oflife-threatening breathing problems Answer: Look:Neck veins, breathing, chest wall movement Listen: Breath sounds, changes in breathing pattern Feel:Tenderness, crepitus, defects *Maintain C-Spine motion restriction* 5. Life threatening thoracic injuries Answer: A-Airway -Airway obstruction -Tracheobronchial tree injury B-breathing -Tension pneumo -Open Pneumo -Massive Hemothorax C-circulation -Massive Hemothorax -Cardiac Tamponade -Traumatic circulatory arrest 6. Airway obstruction: Cause Answer: Swelling ,bleeding, or vomitus is aspirated into theairway, interfering with gas exchange. [Show More]

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