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2024 CTR Practice Exam Domain 1 New Exam | Questions and Answers Included

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1. PHI is an abbreviation for Answer: Personal Health Information 2. An example of a Business Associate (BA) would be a company thatIs a healthcare clearinghouse Stores or destroys medical record... s Is a health care plan that transmits any health information electronicallyIs a healthcare provider Answer: Stores or destroys medical records 3. Non-Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information Answer: Is information that is in thepublic record 4. Who is responsible for protecting patients' individually identifiable health information? Staff Physician Cancer Registrar All Answer: All 5. T/F State collection of follow-up cancer data can be collected regardless ofpatient consent Answer: True 6. T/F A registrar who abstracts and reports cancer data in the service of aprovider is a business associate. Answer: False 7. An example of individually identifiable information is information that permits of the patient's identity. A signed statementAbuse A reasonable deduction A photo Answer: A reasonable deduction [Show More]

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