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Smartsheet Certification Exam 2023 50 VERIFIED Questions and Answers (Solved)

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1. How is tagging a shared collaborator in a comment, via the use of @men-tion, an effective means of collaboration? It shares that collaborator a published view of the sheet so they can view the c... omment. It instantly sends the @mentioned individual an alert with the comment.It begins keeping track of the @mentioned individual within activity log. It adds the @mentioned individual to your My Smartsheet Contacts ANSWER: It instant-ly sends the @mentioned individual an alert with the comment. 2. I have a handful of tasks that are falling behind schedule and I want to quickly view which items are marked "Red" in my project status column.Toidentify this information WITHOUT having to leave the sheet, I should: Turn on highlight changes Write a formula Create a filter Send an update request to my collaborators ANSWER: Create a filter 3. Date based alerts help keep collaborators aware of key project dates. Date based alerts can be triggered on a specific date or based off a date in any date column. Which of the following is a possible use case for establishing a date based alert? Samuel wants to automatically inform his boss when the status of a task [Show More]

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