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Smartsheet Services 2023 | Operations Specialist Questions and Answers

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1. Tell me about yourself: Career ANSWER: At present an Enterprise CSM at Instructure,APAC CX team. Previously held Project Manager/Officer and Operations lead rolesat UTS. Prior to this, I worked... in PR/Advertising. Interests: Value centricity, CX, Operations, workflow automation, process optimisation Values: Honesty, collaboration, empathy, impact 2. Tell me about your current role ANSWER: - Helping customers achieve their goals - Manage profile oh high-value relationships across APAC - Drive product and service adoption - Delivery impactful experiences - Develop deep understanding of client business to provide meaningful solutions - Be the customer advocate to govern product feature prioritisation and improvements - Work crossfunctionally with sales, support, product, Engineering to deliver customer success 3. Walk me through your career journey ANSWER: - Graduated PR/Advertising, workedin marketing land - Head hunted to work at UTS and found my love for tech and Project/Operations Management - Overtime my transdisciplinary skillset evolved to combine my interests in CX/people experience and I landed the job I have now in a SaaS company 4. What do you know about Smartsheet and our product? ANSWER: - Founded in 2005,public in NY in 2018 - Based in Bellevue Washington US - Over 3000 staff [Show More]

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