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Smartsheet Support Glossary TEST BANK (Latest 2023 / 2024) 150 + Questions and Answers Included

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1. 509 Certificate ANSWER: [SAML] 509 is a public key infrastructure and the certificate, in SAML, is where this key is located. In practice, the only part of the certificate that matters is the p... ublic key. The public key is bound to a signing certificate in the metadata. The private key is securely held by the party that signs the XML message. For Smartsheet, this key allows us to authenticate the data being sent to us. 2. Accelerator(s) ANSWER: [Control Center] Pre-packaged deployments of SCC with mini-mal engagement from Smartsheet Consulting team. 3. AccessToken ANSWER: [Internal] a set of characters generated by a user's account thatallows them to access the Smartsheet API. Used in the Authentication header 4. Account ANSWER: [Internal, OpsCon, Salesforce] A unique profile in Smartsheet as defined by an email address. Accounts can be licensed users, non-licensed users, or free collaborators. 5. Addition Leads ANSWER: [Control Center] Other users other than the PMO Lead that can make changes to the existing program or blueprints. These users do not needto be shared to the config sheet. [Show More]

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