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1. A row report can be displayed on a dashboard using the report widget inwhich two of the following views? Gantt Calendar Grid Card ANS: Gantt Card 2. What Forms feature lets you reveal speci... fic fields in a form based on the answers to other questions? Form Elements Conditional Logic Fields Settings ANS: Conditional Logic 3. To quickly identify and review the changes that have been made to a sheet,use Symbols column type Highlight changes Conditional formatting Format painter ANS: Highlight changes 4. When writing a formula, what symbol do you type to make either a columnor row reference absolute? ( ) Parentheses $ Dollar sign# Pound sign [ ] Square brackets ANS: $ Dollar sign 5. Which column type would be best for assigning tasks to individual team members? Contact List column Created by System column Text/Number column Dropdown List ANS: Contact List column 6. Scenario:You want to surface a count of at-risk tasks on a dashboard.You determine one option for doing so would be to use a drop-down column to mark a task at-risk. Question:Which one of the following column types can also be utilized tomark atrisk items that could be counted and displayed on a dashboard? System Generated Column Duration Column Date Column Symbol Column ANS: Symbol Column [Show More]

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