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State Farm Estimatics Exam 2023-2024 Questions & Answers (Solved)

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• Removal of shingles Answer: estimate for the actual number of squares (not square feet). No estimating or rounding • Replacement of shingles Answer: a) Include waste in the calculation -10... % - Composite -15% - wood b) Round up to the nearest bundle -Assume 3 bundles per SQ for composite shingles -Assume 4 bundles per SQ for wood • What do wood shingle estimates always end with? Answer: fourths. .25, .5, .75, .00 • What do composite shingle estimates always end with? Answer: thirds. .33, .66, .00 • Calculating Hip Roofs Answer: get main body first. extensions second. • Hip roof triangular ends Answer: are calculated when the main roof is calculated b/ca triangle is accounted for that didn't actually exist • When calculating extensions on a hip roof Answer: don't count for the triangle, butdon't forget the two parrallelograms remaining (there is a good chance they are identical) • When calculating the main body Answer: Don't assume that you can just find one sideof a roof and double it.Why? the rafters might be different lengths [Show More]

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