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2024 VTNE Laboratory Procedures 2 Latest Questions With Complete Grade A Answers

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1. Canine blood types are preceded by the letters "DEA."What do these letters stand for? a. detectable erythrocyte antibody b. detectable erythrocyte antigen c. dog erythrocyte antibody d. dog e... rythrocyte antigen Answer: d. dog erythrocyte antigen 2. What blood chemistry test should be used to measure cholangiocyte dam- age? a. ALKP B. AST C. ALT D. GGT Answer: D. GGT 3. Which test is used to confirm a diagnosis of warfarin (rodenticide) toxicity? a. thrombocyte count b. calcium level c. one-step prothrombin time d. partial thromboplastin time (PTT) Answer: c. one-step prothrombin time 4. Dipylidium caninum is a: a. trematode b. nematode c. arthropod d. cestode Answer: d. cestode 5. Which statement concerning ELISA testing is true? a. the test specificity is very low b. washing is a critical step in the methodology c. it may be used to detect only antibodies in the serum d. it is not available in kit form Answer: b. washing is a critical step in the methodology [Show More]

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