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ATI EXIT RN Comprehensive Predictor Exam With NGN (Q&As) Graded A+)

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• A nrse is reviewing the medical record of a client who has a prescription for intermittent heat therapy for a foot injury. Which if the following findings should the nrse identify as a contraindic... ation for heat therapy? Phlebitis Abdominal aortic aneurysm Osteoarthritis Peripheral neuropathy • A nrse is planning teaching for a client who has a new diagnosis of HIV. Which of the following information should the nrse include about preventing the spread infection? Clean blood contaminated surfaces with bleach. Use condoms with a petroleum-based lubricant. Wash soiled clothes in cold water. Buy disposable dishes for daily use. A nrse is caring for a client who is newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has questions about the disease. To research the nrse should identify that which of the following electronic database has the most comprehensive collection of nursing (Unable to read) articles? A. MEDLINE B. CINAHL. C. ProQuest. D. Health Source [Show More]

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