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SERVSAFE-7th-Edition-Test-Bank | Updated 2023 | Graded A+ Solved 100% Correct

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1. After which activity must a food handler wash their hands? A. Clearing tables B. Putting in gloves C. Serving a customer D. Applying hand antiseptic Answer: A. Clearing tables 2. When washing... hands, what is the minimum time you should scrub withsoap? A. 5 seconds B. 10 seconds C. 20 seconds D. 40 seconds Answer: B. 10 seconds 3. What should food handlers do after prepping food and before using therestroom? A. Wash their hands B. Take off their hats C. Change their gloves D.Take off their aprons Answer: D.Take off their aprons 4. A food handler will be wearing single-use gloves to assemble boxedlunches. When must the food handler's hands be washed? A. After 4 hours B. After the first hour C. After putting on the gloves D. Before putting on the gloves Answer: D. Before putting on the gloves 5. A cook wore single-use gloves while forming raw ground beef into patties.The cook continued to wear them while slicing hamburger buns. What mis- take was made? A.The cook did not wearreusable gloves while handling the raw ground beefand hamburger buns. B. The cook did not clean and sanitize the gloves before handling the ham-burger buns. C. The cook did not wash hands before putting on the same gloves to slicethe hamburger buns. D.The cook did not wash hands and put on new gloves before slicing the hamburger buns Answer: D.The cook did not wash hands and put on new gloves beforeslicing the hamburger buns. [Show More]

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