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NIH Stroke Scale Test 1 ( Latest 2023 – 2024 ) Get Ready for A++ Test with Latest Q&As & Answers!

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1. NIH stroke scale was developed to? Answer: help clinicians objectively rate the severity of ischemic strokes 2. Increasing NIH score indicates what? Answer: more severe stroke and correlates wit... hthe size of the infarction 3. 1-pt increase in score decreases the likelihood of an excellent outcomeby? Answer: 24% at 7 days 4. T/F: total NIHSS <4 generally have favorable clinical outcomes and a high likelihood of functional independence regardless of treatment Answer: True 5. Rules for scoring Answer: -score what you see not what you think -score the first response, not the best response (exception: item 9 best language) -don't coach the pt 6. LOC is divided into what three sections? Answer: -Responsiveness - are they responsive when you walk into the room -LOC questions - ask the pt what the current month is and what their current ageis -LOC commands - ask the pt to blink their eyes and make the fist in both hands 7. LOC questions scoring: Answer: 0 - gets both questions right 1- gets only one question right, or there is a language barrier, or unable to speakdue to trauma or intubated 2- gets both questions wrong, or they are inaudible [Show More]

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