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WGU C182 Study Guide | Latest 2023 - 2024 | A+ Rated Guide | Questions and Answers (Solved)

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1. Application Software Answer: Programs end users run to accomplish tasks. 2. Productivity Software Answer: Application software used to aid in productivity. I.E.Presentation software, word proce... ssor, spreadsheets. 3. System Software Answer: Consists of programs that make up the OS and directlysupport system itself. **Includes services or DAEMONS 4. Server Software Answer: Works with hardware to provide network service. 5. Local Application Answer: Software stored on an individual computer. 6. Intranet Answer: A LAN that uses IP. Used to communicate within organization. 7. Cloud Computing Answer: Allows organization to access resources/app anywhere,anytime. Beneficial because an org. may access resources it may not normallyhave. 8. Operating Systems Answer: Allows a user to easily access hardware/software, re-quired to maintain computer environment [Show More]

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