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NR 511 Week 1 Assignment Clinical Preparedness Exam GradeAplus

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Question: Define diagnostic reasoning Question: What is subjective data? Question: What is objective data? Question: Components of HPI Question: Why must every procedure code have a corresponding ... diagnosis code? Question: What are the three components required in determining an outpatient office visit E&M code? Question: What is medical coding? Question: … medical billing? Question: What are CPT codes? Question: —- ICD codes? Question: What is specificity? Question: …… sensitivity? Question: What is predictive value? Question: … elements need to … when developing a plan? Question: What are the components of medical decision making in E&M coding? Question: Correctly order the E&M office visit codes based on complexity from least to most complex. Question: Define the components of a SOAP note Question: What are purposes of the written H&P in relation to the importance of documentation? Question: When is a pt … a “new” pt? Question: What does a well-rounded clinical experience mean? Question: …. maximum number of hours that time can … spent “rounding” in a facility during clinicals? Question: What are 9 things that must … documented in the clinical encounter logs? Question: …. first “S” in the SNAPPS presentation? Question: What is the “N” in the SNAPPS presentation? Question: ….. “A” in the SNAPPS presentation? Question: What is the first “P” in the SNAPPS presentation? Question: —- second “P” in the SNAPPS presentation? Question: What is the last “S” in the SNAPPS presentation? Question: Drew Brees is scheduled for an acute visit for a skin lesion. After looking at his lesion he pulls out a long list of things he wants to discuss. You are 30 minutes behind on your schedule and you only have 15 minutes for this appointment. Which of the following is the best response to the patient? Question: Which statement(s) regarding practice guidelines is (are) NOT true? Question: A maximum of 20 alternative hours can … used as part of the 125 hour practicum requirement for each clinical course. Question: The number of cases of a particular disease in a population at a given time is known as: Question: Which of the following is … when documenting clinical experiences in your student clinical encounter log? Question: New practitioners especially need support to develop confidence in their diagnostic and treatment-planning capabilities. Question: Which of the following statement(s) is (are) true? Question: Your pt presents with a sore throat x2 days. You suspect that he may have strep pharyngitis because his best friend had it last week. You do not have rapid antigen tests in your office, so you send a throat swab for culture. Which ICD-10 code should you use on the lab requisition? Question: Point of care strategy involves: Question: Which statement is true regarding SOAP notes? Question: Which statement is true? Question: …… regarding diagnostic reasoning is NOT true? Question: The level of Evaluation & Management (E&M) codding for new and established pt’s is based on documentation that is provided in the pt’s medical record. Question: Systematic reviews of randomized clinical trial studies are …. level ____ evidence: Question: Experience is a necessary component in exercising clinical judgement. Question: Tom Brady is seen in your office with c/o sore throat x2 days. Which body system would not … included in the H&P for this problem-focused visit? Question: Which of the following is NOT a requirement when developing a practice guideline? Question: Sporadic outbreaks occur when there are occasional cases of an event unrelated in space or time. Question: Which of the following statements is NOT true? Question: Which one of the following students is not meeting the practicum expectations? Question: Evidence from well-designed case-control and cohort studies are … which level of evidence in research design? Question: Seat belt use is … ___________ prevention. Question: Chloe complains of acute pain in the R ear. Her exam reveals a normal exam on the L side. The R external ear is non-erythemic and non-tender. The EAC is free of debris or obstruction and without redness. The TM is visible, bright red and bulging with cloudy fluid. Which is the best ICD-10 diagnosis code for your findings? Question: What are the three main components in determining the E&M code? Question: Which one of the following do NOT meet the requirements of this program? Question: Morbidity refers to the number of people who have died from a particular disease. Question: Malaria in the Southern Hemisphere (Africa) is …… a(an) ____________ disease. Question: Alternative activities can … used toward your clinical requirement. Which of the following should NOT … documented as an “alternative activity?” Question: The Resource-Based Relative Value Scale )RBRVS) is used by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to set reimbursement rates which are … to reflect the costs needed to provide services. Which of the following is NOT one of the components in determining set reimbursement rates for provider services? Question: The HPI is a detailed breakdown of the ______ and is documented as ________. Question: You are required to submit at least 4 SOAP notes from your practicum site for this class. Question: Which statement(s) is true regarding documentation of your clinical encounter? Question: Which one of the following preceptors would NOT meet the FNP program preceptor requirements? Question: Aaron Rogers presents to your clinic in the off-season with a painful, red, swollen L calf. Without any other further info given, which one of the following is a reasonable differential to investigate further? Question: Nursing research should … utilized by: Question: Maddie has a h/o asthma that is classified as mild, intermittent asthma. She comes to the office today w/wheezing which is not improving with her inhaler. Which would … ther best ICD-10 code to apply with only the info given? Question: Which of the following is NOT a secondary prevention measure? Question: Having a family practice site for all 5 practicum courses guarantees that you will have a well-rounded clinical experience to all ages and conditions. Question: Reimbursement policy changes by insurance carriers over the years has resulted in a reduction of health care spending. Question: Cam Newton receives a passing midterm and final eval from his preceptor along with 76% in the didactic portion of the class. Cam will pass the class. Question: Episodic visits are also … as problem-focused visits. Question: Subjective info is what the pt reports, complains of, or tells you in response to your questions. Question: HIPAA legislation is important to the daily management of the practitioner practice setting. Precautions should … used to protect pt electronic personal info at all times. Which of the following is an appropriate precautionary measure? [Show More]

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