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Medical Surgical Telemetry B 2022, all answered 100% correct.

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The physician has ordered for your COPD patient to receive 80mg of Solu-Medrol IV every 8 hours. The medication is supplied as 125 milligrams in a 2ml vial. How much of the medication should the nurse... administer to ensure the ordered dose is given. Wrong Answer: 1.5ml Which of the following PPE is required for the staff entering a patient's room who has been diagnosed with pneumonia and is positive for MRSA wrong answer: Gown and mask 00:41 01:15 You enter your patient's room and find the patient unresponsive and without a pulse. What should be your FIRST action wrong answer: check the patients airway You are caring for a diabetic patient admitted for uncontrolled blood sugar. You observe that the patient is non-compliant with her diet, complains of the meals offered by the hospital, and saw her eat 3 large cookies brought in from home. You know the patient needs further education when she states: wrong answer: [Show More]

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