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NR 661 Week 6 APN Capstone Portfolio - Part 2

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NR 661 Week 6 APN Capstone Portfolio - Part 2 Purpose The purpose of the APN Capstone Portfolio is to demonstrate your professional growth and expertise by providing evidence of the knowledge yo... u have learned. The Professional Portfolio serves the following purposes: Promotes the synthesis of knowledge – To become a competent leader in the nursing profession and a selected specialization, you need to synthesize a great deal of information from a variety of sources. Promotes reflective thought – One hallmark of graduate education is the ability to think analytically and engage in self-assessment. Creating the portfolio allows you to evaluate and demonstrate your achievements in acquiring advanced nursing and specialty knowledge. Provides evidence that assignment, course, and program learning outcomes have been met –The portfolio reflects the different ways you have met the learning outcomes. Part 2 Directions – This assignment should be an entire document in either MS Word or PDF format with a title page noting the assignment name, student name, course, etc. The assignment should also include a table of contents denoting what of the below documents are on which pages. APA format and writing at the graduate-level is expected. [Show More]

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