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NUR 2421 (NUR 2421) NUR 2421 - Exam 3 Pregnancy Study Guide.

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NUR 2421 - Exam 3 Pregnancy Study Guide/NUR 2421 - Exam 3 Pregnancy Study Guide. 1. Calculation of Due Date: 9 calendar months, Lunar months 28 days, 10 Lunar months equal 40 weeks, Every day counts, ... 3 trimesters: 1-13, 14-26, 27-term Naegle’s Rule: (1st day of LMP- 3 months)+ 7 days, Or (Month -3) + 7 days McDonald’s method- gestational age calculated in centimeters- symphysis pubis to fundal height- (distance in centimeters x 8) divided by 7= total weeks of gestation. Other indicators: FHT with doppler at 10–12 weeks, Fetal movement felt at about 20 weeks, Fundal height correlation with gestational age, Ultrasound 2. Presumptive: Amenorrhea, Nausea and vomiting, Fatigue, Urinary frequency, Breast enlargement and tenderness, Quickening 3. Probable: Goodell’s sign (softening of the cervix), Chadwick’s sign (bluish vaginal tissue), Hegar’s sign- lower uterine segment (also-considered softening of the cervix), Ballottement, Positive pregnancy test 4. Positive Signs of Pregnancy: Fetal heart tones, Fetal movement, Ultrasound 5. Integumentary changes: Spider angiomas and palmar erythema, Hyperpigmentation: Linea nigra, Chloasma; Striae gravidarum, Vascular Spider Nevi, Sebaceous glands, Hair/ Nails [Show More]

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