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NUR2868 Final Exam role and scope / FINAL for Role and Scope/Leadership (Already graded, score 88)

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NUR2868 Final Exam role and scope / FINAL for Role and Scope/Leadership (Already graded, score 88) FINAL for Role and Scope/Leadership 1. A charge nurse has heard one of the staff RN’s complaining ... about her …. Problem and negotiate a better schedule for both of the,. 2. The nurse is caring for a client who is a Native American Indian.. The client is wearing a medicine bag ….. advocate for the client’s spiritual needs? 3. According to expert nursing theorists, Nursing does not meet all criteria for the… (SATA) 4. During a meeting on the pre-operative care unit, the staff ….. and purchase them if the budget allows. In a few weeks 5. The RN has asked the unlicensed assistive personal (UAP) on the unit to perform some tasks for her. Which one is NOT within the scope of practice? 6. A school nurse has been caring for a child who fell and hurt his ankle on the school playground. The child … healthcare provider for further evaluation. In which of the following situations should the nurse question? 7. The evening charge nurse takes control of the unit when she is working her shift. She follows a …. She is not one to take suggestions from others. What leadership style is the charge nurse using? 8. A nurse from the neonatal intensive care unit NICU is floated to the emergency room ER for the day. Which of the following … 9. A babysitter has brought a six year old client to the emergency department ED with a fractured … 10. A clinic nurse is teaching a newly diagnosed client about stage 1 chronic kidney disease… nurse’s best response? 11. A new nurse asks her preceptor about the purpose of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses …. 12. A nurse manager implements a new protocol used in a randomized controlled trial to determine … outcomes, the nurse discovers that the incidence of VAP on the unit has remained the same. What …. 13. A nurse wants to develop political advocacy skills. What appropriate ….. 14. Two floor nurses are arguing over the usage of the unit’s only available computer …. Fact about anger? 15. A nurse is working on a Master’s Degree Capstone project and researches the factor …? 16. An RN from the operating room is told by the charge nurse to report (float) to the intensive care unit (ICU) … Which action should the nurse take first? 17. A novice nurse is having trouble delegating tasks to other members of the … 19. The Joint Commission requires documentation of patient teaching in the charts … teaching so important? 20. In 2008, the institute of Medicine (IOM) began a two year study to … recommendations for the Future of Nursing. Which one is NOT one of the ..? 21. A client with diabetes mellitus had been brought unconscious to the emergency department….. 22. A nurse manager encourages staff to work it out between themselves….. 23. A client in a long term care facility is about to receive a feeding through…. 24. The nurse is working in the Emergency department and has just received report from the…. 25. A day shift nurse has just begun work and has received report for four clients…. 26. A new unlicensed assistive person (UAP) has begun his first shift on the unit .. before making an assignment for the UAP? 27. A graduate nurse is about to take the NCLEX and asks a nursing instructor for advice .. correction? 28. MATCHING definitions (read carefully) • (B)Delegation - • (G)Assignment – • (C)Veracity - • (H)Autonomy • (I)Fidelity - • (F)Nonmaleficence - • (J)Beneficence • (A)Utilitarianism – • (E)Malpractice – • (D)Negligence - 29. A Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) is providing an in service to a .. members, praising their involvement on the team, by doing so what….? 30. A nurse who is also graduate student is preparing to research the effects of … the study? 31. A nurse is caring for a client who is experiencing pain, which statement but the nurse to the…. 32. The nurse manager of telemetry unit makes a habit of acting in a professional manner………speak with the RNs on the unit. If the unit is suddenly busy the nurse manager .. displaying? 33. A nurse manager has noted a decrease in the skill level of the novice nurses he has hired. …. Help develop the novice nurse’s skills and increase their clinical knowledge to promote better client care… 34. A novice nurse is having difficulty transitioning from working with …. Supposed to get this all done on time? What problem has the ….? 35. Which agencies have the power to grant licenses, ….. 36. A graduate nurse tells a peer that he wants to work in a hospital that ….. 37. Which of the following has contributed to the ongoing having…. 38. What type of conflict situations do typical nurses often encounter during the … 40. A nurse with two years of bedside nursing experience…. 41. The IOM described five areas of competency…. 42. The public health nurse is planning an educational session… (order is ESSAY: Write about the 3 types of leaderships, give examples for each, 200 words minimum. [Show More]

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