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iHuman patient Darrell Johnson Prework A 64 year-old male who is being directly admitted to the hospital from the neurologist’s office for worsening symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. 1. What... are your primary concerns for this patient and what assessments and interventions would be associated with your concerns? Why? For this patient I would assess neurological status, assess his ability to swallow and chew, muscle weakness and respiratory status. Memory lost because increase in tremors, safety, risk for falls, issues with swallowing. Interventions: • monitor for constipation • Instruct patient to raise the head of the bed and make position changes slowly. • Teach patient to dangle legs a few minutes before standing. • Avoid dehydration and maintain adequate dietary salt. • Refer patient to physical therapist He is at risk for aspiration, use thickener if appropriate, fall risk assessment tools initiated (non-slid sucks, call light within reach), inform case management to make sure he is safe at home. -- - - - - - - - -Continued [Show More]

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