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Midterm Review Guide Chapter 1-4 1. Which of the following is a condition which may occur during the incubation period? -Transmission of infection. 2. Chicken pox is a highly communicable disease.... It may be transmitted by direct contact with a person infected with the varicella-zoster virus (VZV). The typical incubation time is between 10- 20 days. A boy started school 2 weeks after showing symptoms of chicken pox including mild fever, skin rash, and fluid-filled blisters. One month after the boy returned to school, non of his classmates had been infected by VZV. The main reason was: -Contact was after infectious period. 3. The ability of a single person to remain free of clinical illness following exposure to infectious agent is known as: -immunity 4. Which of the following is characteristic of single-exposure, common-vehicle outbreak? -The epidemic curve has a normal distribution when plotted against the logarithm of time. Involve a sudden, rapid increase in cases of disease that are limited to persons who share a common exposure. 5. What is the diarrhea attack rate in persons who ate both ice cream and pizza? -39/52 (The attack rate is defined as the number of people who develop diarrhea divided by the total number of people at risk. 6.What is the OVERALL attack rate in persons who did not eat ice cream? -33% (The attack rate is the # of persons with diarrhea (14+9) divided by the total # of persons who did not eat ice cream (40+30) 7.Which of the food items (or combination of items) is most likely to the infective item(s)? -ice cream only (only 70% developed diarrhea regardless of their pizza consumption (39/52 and 11/15). Among both groups of persons who did not eat ice cream, each attack rate was equal to or less than 35% (14/40 and 9/30) [Show More]

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