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NR 509 Midterm Study Guide_ NR 509 Advanced Physical Assessment Midterm Study Guide. Chamberlain College Of Nursing

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NR 509 Midterm Study Guide  Basic and Advanced Interviewing Techniques Basic Interviewing Techniques ● Active listening: Active listening means closely attending to what the patient is comm... unicating, connecting to the patient's emotional state, and using verbal and nonverbal skills to encourage the patient to expand on his or her feelings and concerns. ● Empathic responses: Empathy has been described as the capacity to identify with the patient and feel the patient's pain as your own, then respond in a supportive manner. ● Guided questioning: Guided questions show your sustained interest in the patient's feelings and deepest disclosures and allows the interviewer to facilitate full communication, in the patient's own words, without interruption. ● Nonverbal communication: Nonverbal communication includes eye contact, facial expression, posture, head position and movement such as shaking or nodding, interpersonal distance, and placement of the arms or legs—crossed, neutral, or open. ● Validation: Validation helps to affirm the legitimacy of the patient's emotional experience. ● Reassurance: Reassurance is an appropriate way to help the patient feel that problems have been fully understood and are being addressed. ● Partnering: When building rapport with patients, express your commitment to an ongoing relationship. ● Summarization: Giving a capsule summary of the patient's story during the course of the interview to communicate that you have been listening carefully. ● Transitions: Inform your patient when you are changing directions during the interview. ● Empowering the patient: Empower patients to ask questions, express their concerns, and probe your recommendations in order to encourage them to adopt your advice, make lifestyle changes, or take medications as prescribed. Advanced Interview Techniques DOWNLOAD FOR FULL DOCUMENT [Show More]

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