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ESSENTIAL CELL BIOLOGY, FOURTH EDITION CHAPTER 12: TRANSPORT ACROSS CELL MEMBRANES  2014 GARLAND SCIENCE PUBLISHING Principles of Transmembrane Transport 12-1 Indicate whether the following sta... tements are true or false. If a statement is false, explain why it is false. A. CO2 and O2 are water-soluble molecules that diffuse freely across cell membranes. B. The differences in permeability between artificial lipid bilayers and cell membranes arise from variations in phospholipid content. C. Transporters are similar to channels, except that they are larger, allowing folded proteins as well as smaller organic molecules to pass through them. D. Cells expend energy in the form of ATP hydrolysis so as to maintain ion concentrations that differ from those found outside the cell. 12-2 Which of the following channels would not be expected to generate a change in voltage by movement of its substrate across the membrane where it is found? (a) an aquaporin (b) a sodium channel (c) a calcium channel (d) a proton channel 12-3 Although the extracellular environment has a high sodium ion concentration and the intracellular environment has a high potassium ion concentration, both must be neutralized by negatively charged molecules. In the extracellular case, what is the principal anion? (a) HCO3– (b) Cl– (c) PO43– (d) OH– 12-4 Circle the molecule in each pair that is more likely to diffuse through the lipid bilayer. A. amino acids or benzene B. Cl– or ethanol C. glycerol or RNA D. H2O or O2 E. adenosine or ATP 12-5 We can test the relative permeability of a phospholipid bilayer by using a synthetic membrane that does not contain any protein components. Some uncharged, polar molecules are found to diffuse freely across these membranes, to varying degrees. Which of the following has the lowest rate of diffusion across an artificial membrane? Why? (a) glucose (b) water Page 1 of 24(c) glycerol (d) ethanol 12-6 Below is a list of molecules with different chemical characteristics. Knowing that all molecules will eventually diffuse across a phospholipid bilayer, select the option below that most accurately predicts the relative rates of diffusion of these molecules (fastest to slowest) [Show More]

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