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ESSENTIAL CELL BIOLOGY, FOURTH EDITION CHAPTER 14: ENERGY GENERATION IN MITOCHONDRIA AND CHLOROPLASTS  2014 GARLAND SCIENCE PUBLISHING Mitochondria and Oxidative Phosphorylation 14-1 The link ... between bond-forming reactions and membrane transport processes in the mitochondria is called __________________. (a) chemiosmotic coupling. (b) proton pumping. (c) electron transfer. (d) ATP synthesis. 14-2 Describe how a standard flashlight battery can convert energy into useful work and explain how this is similar to the energy conversions in the mitochondria. 14-3 Based upon what you know about metabolism, explain how electrons are stripped from food molecules and used to drive the electron-transport chain. 14-4 Which of the following is not part of the process known as oxidative phosphorylation? (a) Molecular oxygen serves as a final electron acceptor. (b) FADH2 and NADH become oxidized as they transfer a pair of electrons to the electron-transport chain. (c) The electron carriers in the electron-transport chain toggle between reduced and oxidized states as electrons are passed along. (d) ATP molecules are produced in the cytosol as glucose is converted into pyruvate. 14-5 Which of the following statements describes the phosphorylation event that occurs during the process known as oxidative phosphorylation? (a) A phosphate group is added to ADP. (b) ATP is hydrolyzed in order to add phosphate groups to protein substrates. (c) A phosphate group is added to molecular oxygen. (d) Inorganic phosphate is transported into the mitochondrial matrix, increasing the local phosphate concentration. [Show More]

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