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NSG6005 Week 8 Quiz / NSG 6005 Week 8 Quiz (New, 2020): South University (SATISFACTION GUARANTEED)

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Week 8 Knowledge Check W8 Knowledge Check Question 1 Prophylactic use of bisphosphonates is recommended for patients with early osteopenia related to long-term use of which of the following drugs... ? A) Selective estrogen receptor modulators B) Aspirin C) Glucocorticoids D) Calcium supplements Question 2 Patients with cystic fibrosis are often prescribed enzyme replacement for pancreatic secretions. Each replacement drug has lipase, protease, and amylase components, but the drug is prescribed in units of: A) Lipase B) Protease C) Amylase D) Pancreatin Question 3 Patients who are prescribed exogenous androgens need to be warned that decreased libido: A) Is an unusual side effect of androgens and should be reported to the provider B) Is treated with increased doses of androgens, so the patient should let the provider know if he is having problems C) May be a sign of early prostate cancer and he should make an appointment for a prostate screening exam D) May occur with androgen therapy Question 4 When discussing with a patient the different start methods used for oral combined contraceptives, the advantage of a Sunday start over the other start methods is: A) Immediate protection against pregnancy the first week of using the pill B) No back-up method is needed when starting C) Menses occur during the week D) They can start the pill on the Sunday after the office visit Question 5 Adam has type 1 diabetes and plays tennis for his university. He exhibits a knowledge deficit about his insulin and his diagnosis. He should be taught that: A) He should increase his carbohydrate intake during times of exercise. B) Each brand of insulin is equal in bioavailability, so buy the least expensive. C) Alcohol produces hypoglycemia and can help control his diabetes when taken in small amounts. D) If he does not want to learn to give himself injections, he may substitute an oral hypoglycemic to control his diabetes. [Show More]

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