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NUR 2633 Maternal Child Health (Final Exam) 100 Questions /Answers Graded A latest 2020/2021

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NUR 2633 Maternal Child Health (Final Exam) 100 Questions /Answers Graded A 1. The student nurse is preparing education for the parents of a 6yo that will begin Fe supps following a dx of Fe defici... ent anemia. What should be included in the ed. Select all that apply. o Fe should be given with a glass of OJ o Given with Food o Black tarry stools o Cause constipation o Cause increase in appetite 2. Pedi nurse assesses 7mo infant brought to the clinic with S/S of irritability N?V and taut anterior fontanel. Based on the standard growth chart, the nurse notes that the child has an increased head circumference which may indicate which of the following med conditions? o Brain tumor o Gastrointestinal infection o Acute lymphocytic leukemia o Chronic lyphocytic leukemia 3. To offset chemo related effects of nausea and vomiting. The pediatric nurse administers which medications? o Ondasetron o Bethamethasone o Doxorubicin o Mesna 4. The periatric nurse is familiar with kubler ross stages of grief. Parents who are feeling confused and refuse to discuss the disease with any nurse or doctor are in which stage of grief? o Denial o Grief o Bargaining o Acceptance 5. During a pedi nursing orientation session to a new unit. The child like specialist is introduced as an important member of the healthcare team. What is an important role of the child like specialist. o To provide opportunities for therapeutic play and information o To accompany children on their way to surgery o To assist with family counseling regarding discipline and limits o To describe normal growth and development to parents and families 6. The pedi nurse is caring for a child who has been in a motor vehicle collision. The dr explains to the family that there serious physical disabilities. The father is upset and states I don’t know how I will be able to cope. I have two other children. What can I do? What is the nurses response? o You obviously were not listening to the dr. he can explain it to you again o Don’t worry. You will be able to manage o Don’t worry. You will get through the crisis [Show More]

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