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NURS 6531 Week 2 Quiz / NURS6531 Week 2 Quiz (New, 2020): Walden University (100% Correct) (SATISFACTION GUARANTEED)

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NURS 6531 Week 2 Quiz / NURS6531 Week 2 Quiz (Latest): Advanced Practice Care of Adults across the Life Span: Walden University Walden University NURS 6531 Week 2 Quiz / Walden University NURS6531 Wee... k 2 Quiz • Question 1 Which of the following color changes in a pigmented lesion suggests malignant transformation? • Question 2 The Centor criteria for diagnosis of Group A B-hemolytic streptococcus includes which of the following? • Question 3 An 18-year-old female presents to the urgent care center complaining of severe pruritus in both eyes that started 2 days ago. Associated symptoms include a headache and fatigue. On examination, the nurse practitioner notes some clear discharge from both eyes and some erythema of the eyelids and surrounding skin. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this patient’s symptoms? • Question 4 Potential complications of sinusitis include: • Question 5 The most common cancer found on the auricle is: • Question 6 A 46-year-old female with a past medical history of diabetes presents with a swollen, erythematous right auricle and is diagnosed with malignant otitis externa. The nurse practitioner knows that the most likely causative organism for this patient’s problem is: • Question 7 Which of the following dermatologic vehicles are the most effective in absorbing moisture and decreasing friction? • Question 8 A patient presents complaining of a painful nodule on the left lower eyelid. The nurse practitioner recognizes the lesion as: • Question 9 The differential diagnosis for a patient complaining of a sore throat includes which of the following? • Question 10 In adults, the most common cause of cellulitis is: [Show More]

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