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Walden University NURS 6531 Week 7 Quiz (New, 2020): (100% Correct) (SATISFACTION GUARANTEED)

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NURS 6531 Week 7 Quiz / NURS6531 Week 7 Quiz (Latest): Advanced Practice Care of Adults across the Life Span: Walden University Walden University NURS 6531 Week 7 Quiz / Walden University NURS6531 Wee... k 7 Quiz • Question 1 A 21-year-old female presents to the office complaining of urinary frequency and urinary burning. The nurse practitioner suspects a urinary tract infection when the urinalysis reveals • Question 2 Which of the following antibiotics should not be prescribed for a pregnant woman in the 3rd trimester? • Question 3 Risk factors for prostate cancer include all of the following except: • Question 4 Potential side effects of levofloxacin include which of the following? • Question 5 Mixed incontinence is defined as • Question 6 Diagnostic evaluation for urinary calculi includes: • Question 7 Which of the following is the most common causative organism of nongonococcal urethritis? • Question 8 Urine cultures should be obtained for which of the following patients? • Question 9 Medications indicated to treat overflow incontinence include which of the following? • Question 10 The organism most often associated with prostatitis is: • Question 11 0 out of 0 points When completing this quiz, did you comply with Walden University’s Code of Conduct including the expectations for academic integrity? [Show More]

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