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Sandra_Littlefield _ Mental Health Case _ 2020 | NURS 9222 Mental Health Case _ Graded A

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Mental Health Case: Sandra Littlefield Documentation Assignments 1. Document your findings related to the focused assessment of Ms. Littlefield’s coping strategies. Include her responses to your a... ssessment. Ms. Littlefield does not cope well with her situation. She is angry and accusatory and is feeling very lonely. She appears to be projecting her own issues onto the staff as a defense mechanism. Further, she is convinced that medication is the only solution to her pain and is not dismissive of and uninterested in learning relaxation techniques. When asked about her desired outcome of treatment she said, “everyone is against me. You, the other nurses, the provider—you all hate me.” She did, however, state that, in the past, she has enjoyed taking walks and reading romance novels as an avenue of stress relief. 2. Document all patient teaching regarding coping strategies and cognitive restructuring techniques provided Ms. Littlefield. Include her response to the teaching. I explained to Ms. Littlefield that there are several strategies she can use to decrease her anxiety, frustration, or fear such as community support groups and regular therapist visits. I asked her what sorts of things she has done in the past to reduce anxiety and frustration and she replied that she enjoys taking walks and reading romance novels. I informed her of the presence of the prison library and offered to teach her some exercises she can do in prison. While she is in the jail, I plan to work with her to identify community resources that may be of use to her. 3. Referring to your feedback log, document all nursing care provided and Ms. Littlefield’s response to this care. I began by assessing the scene for safety. I then introduced myself, washed my hands, and ensured that I had the right patient. I then asked, “can you tell me a little bit more about what’s going on with you today?” She appeared agitated and said, “I am in so much pain. You are a nurse. Don’t you know how to tell when someone is hurting?” I used the therapeutic technique of translating to feelings and asked, “are you saying you feel - - - - - - - Continued [Show More]

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