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NR_506 NP Week 4 Kaltura Health Policy Analysis 2022/2023 | NR506 NP Week 4 Obesity_Graded A+

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Week 4: Obesity Health Policy Analysis Amber Holliday Bryant Chamberlain University College of Nursing NR506NP: Healthcare Policy and Leadership Dr. Michelle Keating-Sibel March 29, 2020Problem ... Statement Should government officials proactively promote obesity interventions, programs, and education within rural areas?Background Knott County, Kentucky • Adulthood obesity rate: 41% • Adulthood physical inactivity rate: 40% • Citizens with access to exercise opportunities: 31% • Percentage of children living in poverty: 41% (County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, 2020)Landscape Key Stakeholders •Healthcare providers •Food industry •Health insurance industry •Democratic/Republican politicians and Lobbyist for improved obesity awareness/interventions [Show More]

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