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University of Arizona SOC 314 FINAL QUIZ. Graded A. with 100% Score.

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University of Arizona SOC 314 FINAL QUIZ Question 1 (1 point) Corporations and nonprofit organizations can collaborate in many ways. Which of the following statement is CORRECT in describing the cor... porate nonprofit collaborations? The collaborations could facilitate the delivery of nonprofit mission-related services and improve social welfare. Firms may strategically work with nonprofit organizations to produce benefits for themselves through the activities of the nonprofit. Firms and nonprofits may collaborate in order to increase the commercial revenue for both of them. Firms may collaborate with nonprofit organizations for political reasons. All of the above. Question 2 (1 point) Which of the following statement on individual donations is CORRECT? Research on individual donations generally finds that the amount of donations tends to be related to individual income and tax rate. Public benefit is the primary motive behind charitable donations. There are very few ways in which donations can produce private benefits to donors. The direction of whether to donate a largely irrelevant to social pressure facing the donor. Question 3 (1 point) International NGOs (INGOs) are important in the global third sector. According to Boil (2006), what are the major activities of INGOs? INGOs facilitate communication between different parties through sponsoring meetings and hosting other events. INGOs spread information to raise global awareness on certain issues and call for global participation. INGOs aim to directly or indirectly influence actors in the global society. All of the above. Question 4 (1 point) In the article “Rehabilitating Charity in China” Hsu discussed the start and the development of the Project Hope in the non-US context. What does this article tell us about the nonprofit sector from a global and comparative perspective? The form and ways in which nonprofit organizations operate vary across countries. The presence of the nonprofit sector is dependent upon notional and cultural contexts. In some countries, the state my play an important role in shaping the trajectory of the nonprofit sector. All of the above. Question 5 (1 point) Gronbjerg and Salamon reviewed the changing relationship between the government and the nonprofit organizations in the US. Which of the following descriptions about government-nonprofit relation in COORRECT? The relationship between the government and the nonprofit organizations has been full of contention from the very beginning. Since the 1980s, there has been a deterioration of the government-nonprofit relations, which generates lasting impact on the nonprofit sector since then. The increasing relations of the profit organizations on the commercial revenue is largely a market-driven process, thus unrelated to the retrenchment of government funding. None of these statements are correct. Question 6 (1 point) In their article, Milward and Provan popularized the term “hollow state.” Which of the following statement about the term is correct? The term “hollow state” refers to a system of government in which the government contracts out services to a network of nonprofit organizations or private firms. Under the governance of the “hollow state,” governments do not play any role or functions. The major difference between the “hollow state” and direct government provision of services is that the former has few control and command mechanisms. None of the above. Question 7 (1 point) Roundy and collaborators studied the emerging class of investors “social impact investors”. According to their article, which of the following statements on social impact investors is CORRECT? A. While traditional investors are profit-oriented, social impact investors are not interested in generating profits at all. B. Social impact investors are generally not interested in re-deploying their capital to generate further social returns. C. Social impact investment is motivated by the belief that market-based solutions can be effective in solving social problems.. Both A and B Question 8 (1 point) In his 1995 work, Putnam discussed the declining social capital in the US, Which of the following statements on the cause of the decline in social capital is INCORRECT? Residential stability makes it difficult for social capital to form and grow. Demographic changes, such as rising divorce rate, can take a toll on social capital. Some technology makes us less likely to physically interact with others. The increase in the weekly working hours has reduced the time and energy available for building social capital. [Show More]

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