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Chamberlain College Of Nursing .NR 509 WEEK 1 QUIZ QUESTION AND ANSWERS

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NR 509 Week 1 Quiz (25 Points) – Question and Answers A patient tells the FNP that he is very nervous, that he is nauseated, and that he “feels hot”. This type of data would be: The patient’s ... record, laboratory studies, objective data, and subjective data combine to form the: The FNP is reviewing information about evidence-based practice. Which statement best reflects evidence-based practice? A 59-year-old patient tells the FNP that he has ulcerative colitis. He has been having black stools for the last 24 hours. How would the FNP best document his reason for seeking care? A 29-year-old woman tells the FNP that she has excruciating pain in her back. Which would be an appropriate response by the FNP to the woman statement? In recording the childhood illnesses of a patient who denies having had any, which note by the FNP would be most accurate? If a female patient tells the FNP that she has had six pregnancies, with four live births at term and two spontaneous abortions. Her four children are still living. How would the FNP record this information? Which of these statements represents subjective data the FNP obtained from the patient regarding the patient’s skin? The FNP is obtaining a history for a 30-year-old male patient and is concerned about health promotion activities. Which of these questions would be appropriate to use to assess health promotion activities for this patient? Which statement indicates that the FNP understands the pain experienced by an elderly person? The FNP is performing a vision examination. Which of these charts is most widely used for visual examination? During a complete health assessment, how would the FNP test the patients hearing? nr 509 week 1 quiz The FNP has just completed an examination of a patient’s extra-ocular muscles. When documenting the findings, the FNP should document the assessment of which cranial nerves? A patient’s uvula rises midline when she says “ahh” and she has a positive gag reflex. The FNP has just tested which cranial nerve? During an examination the FNP notices that a patient is unable to stick out his tongue. Which cranial nerve is involved with successful performance of this action? A patient is unable to shrug her shoulders against the FNP‘s resistant hands. What cranial nerve is involved with successful shoulder shrugging? During an examination, the patient has just successfully completed the finger to nose and rapid alternating movements test and is able to run each heel down the opposite shin. The FNP would conclude that the patient’s___ function is intact A five-year-old child is in the clinic for checkup. The FNP would expect him to: When the FNP performs the confrontation test the FNP has assessed: nr 509 week 1 quiz Which of these statements is true regarding the complete physical assessment? …. recording of data from the history and physical examination? … in assessment of general appearance? nr 509 week 1 quiz The FNP is performing a review of symptoms. Which of these questions are appropriate as Health promotion questions to ask during this time? The FNP is incorporating a person’s spiritual values into the health history. Which of these questions illustrates the community portion of the FICA questions? The FNP is preparing to complete a health assessment on a 16-year-old girl whose parents have brought her to the clinic. Which instruction would be appropriate for the parents before the interview begins? [Show More]

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