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1.What are retractions: Sucking in of the skin in between or around the bones or ribs of the chest wall while inhaling. Can occur in several areas of the chest and an indication of increased muscu... lar use to breath. 2.What would indicate Resp Distress in infants Include: -nasal flaring -intercostal or subcostal retractions -grunting -gasping -seesaw respirations -respiratory rate less than 30 greater then 60 -tachypnea -apnea -changes in infant color (central cyanosis: late sign) 3.Why do infants and young children quickly have Respiratory distress in acute and chronic alterations in Respiratory system Anatomic differences influence the response to respiratory tract infections. The diameter or airways is smaller in young children and subject to considerable narrowing from edematous secretions. The distance between structures within respiratory tract is also shorter in young children and organisms may move more rapidly down respiratory tract causing more extensive involvement. -Respiratory rate higher -abdominal breathers -nose breathers -BMR higher -O2 consumption greater -fewer alveoli -airway diameter smaller -larynx smaller -Horizontal ribs -lack of cartilaginous support for the bronchi -short respiratory tract -microorganisms may move more rapidly down the tract -immune system is poorly developed -faster metabolism -status can change quickly 4.What is the back to sleep campaign? The back to sleep campaign was started in 1994 to promote infants to be placed on their backs or supine during sleep. 5.When can a child return to school with strep infection? (Answer in blue: additional info provided) Strep throat (GABHS) : those who experience this are at risk for experiencing RF (Rheumatic Fever) (: inflammatory diseases of heart, joints, and CNS, and acute kidney infection) GABHS Group A B Hemolytic streptococcus : may also cause skin manifestations including impetigo (Sores around nose and mouth) and pyoderma ( Skin infection with formation of pus) Strep manifestations: -brief illness -varies in severity from not symptoms to severe toxicity -onset abrupt [Show More]

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