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Questions from test: KNOW LAB VALUES: BUN, creatine, respiratory rates, HR, serum glucose, phenaline, phenylketone 2 year old develpment, what woud you report to the provider? 30 words? -celiac dis... ease menu, oj and eggs? or meats? Gramham crackers and peanut butter? -patient has 10% burn on body, finding report to provider. Urine output 35ml/hr Cycstic fibrousis, creatine or BUN monitor? Increase or decrease. Bun 6. BUN 12. Creatine 1.4. creatine 0.3. (note:creatine and bun determine kidney function) a nurse is caring for a child who is in the ER after ingesting a bottle of acetaminophen which of the following meds should the nurse plan to give acetylcysteine -antedote for acetaminophen overdose or poisoning a nurse is teaching the parents of a child who has rheumatic fever. which of the following statements by a parent indicates an understanding of the teaching my child may take aspirin for his joint pain -post cardiac cath, report to provider. Cool extermites below cath site. A: Weakend pedal pulses bilat. Findings in celiac - stetorhea -therapuetic effect for opiod pain? titrate till sedation (wrong)? After admin IV gentamacin for menningtits, following actions. Is and O's? Expected findings of appendicitis - The most common symptom of appendicitis is abdominal pain. Typically, symptoms begin as periumbilical or epigastric pain migrating to the right lower quadrant (RLQ) of the abdomen. Pt comes in with submersion injury, priority action. intubation? Iv? Priority Action for Submersion Injury - Signs and symptoms of near drowning include respiratory distress, tachypnea, rales, wheezing and possible hypothermia. Obviously, initial management includes the ABCs — Airway, Breathing and Circulation. Dornase alfa (pulmozyme) decreases viscosity of mucus and improves lung function. improvement monitored by pfts. use once daily. cycstic fib expected findings? absence of pancreatic enzymes, positive sputum culture, thick yellow-grey mucous, meconium ileus at birth, large loose fatty sticky foul smelling stools, distended abdomen, thin arm & legs, sweat tears saliva abnormally salty, viscous cervical mucous, absent/ decreased sperm. lab-sweat chloride test, normal <40 meq/l. stool analysis for azotorrhera (stinky from protein) and statorrhea (undigested fat). blood glucose. xray. -post tonsillectomy actions. straw? side lying? A: Comfort- ice collar/ keep throat moist/ pain meds. tonsil nursing actions: elevate head, asses for bleeding (clearing the throat, restlessness, bright red emesis, tachycardia/ pallor, frqt swallowing). Vitals/airways/ difficulty breathing. Comfort- ice collar/ keep throat moist/ pain meds. Diet- clear liquids/fluids after gag reflex returns. soft bland foods. No coughing/ throat clearing/ nose blowing/ no pointed object. Maybe blood tinged mucous or clots in vomit. -MMR at what age first. Answer: 12 months -manifest Otis medias A: tonislitits -management sleep terrors. Don’t wake patient? -Keep consistent bedtime routine -Use night-light in the room -Provide child with favorite toy -Leave drink of water by bed -Reassure preschoolers who are frightened, but avoid allowing them to sleep in parent's bed -diaper rash treatment. Antibacterial soap with each diaper change? Powder twice a day? -enteral feedings, flush tube or check gastric residual -epiglottis, what to do first. Contact/droplet precautions? -indicate protein deficiency? Dry, thinning hair -5 year old up to date with current immunizations get what at 5. Answer: VARICELLA (CORRECT). Others: dtap. Mmr, ipv a nurse is teaching parents of a 10 year old child who has iron deficiency anemia. which of the following statements by a parent indicates an understanding of the teaching. Will give with antacid. Will give with milk when can child with varicella come off droplet precautions. After lesions have scabbed. 24 after antibiotics when can patient come off precautions for menninggits. 24 after antibiotics. Negative blood culture. a nurse is caring for an 8 year old who has sickle cell anemia. which of the following actions should the nurse take A: give the child flavored popsicles -to maintain hydration to avoid sickling a nurse is assessing the pain level of a 3 year old child who is postop following abdominal surgery. which of the following pain scales should [Show More]

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