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NR224 Fundamentals Exam 1 Review Study Guide T or F WBC decrease if there is a infection - F; •Increased in acute infection You are caring for a client who underwent surgery 48 hours ag... o. On physical assessment, you notice that the incision looks red and swollen. The client is complaining of tenderness. Temp is 101.2 F orally. The client's WBCs are elevated at 14,867. What should you do? - Notify the physician. they have to order before we can give antibiotics Nursing Diagnosis vs Medical Diagnosis Visual Some nursing diagnosis examples •Risk for infection •Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements •Impaired oral mucous membrane •Risk for impaired skin integrity •Social isolation •Impaired tissue integrity •Readiness for enhanced immunization status Some common goals in caring for clients with infection •Preventing exposure to infectious organisms •Controlling or reducing the extent of infection •Maintaining resistance to infection •Verbalizing understanding of infection prevention and control techniques (e.g., hand hygiene) Goals are to be SMART- What does that mean? Treating an infectious process includes ________________ the infectious organisms and supporting the client's defenses - eliminating •Maintaining fluids to prevent dehydration •Maintaining nutrition •Rest for the healing process are examples of what step of the nursing process? - Implementation (Systemic infection) •Remove infectious drainage •Support body defense mechanism •Utilize standard precautions including PPE usage are examples of what step of the nursing process? - Implementation (Localized Infection) Standard precautions visual - Standard precautions also include the proper transportation of clients outside of their room and the collection and packaging of specimens Remember to discard items into biohazard bags and containers as needed/directed [Show More]

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