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Arizona State University BIO 302 Fall 2019 Exam I All Cancer

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1. Death from cancer is most commonly a consequence of metastasis. ANSWER: TRUE 2. The tumor characteristic that is scored based on how closely its microscopic appearance resembles the tissue of or... igin is known as the stage. ANSWER: FALSE 3. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy kill both normal and tumor cells. ANSWER: TRUE 4. Mutations predisposing to cancer that are passed from parent to offspring are known as germline mutations. ANSWER: TRUE 5. The term that is used to designate the anatomic extent of tumor spread when a cancer is diagnosed (discovered) is grade. ANSWER: FALSE 6. The single most common environmental agent causally related to cancer death worldwide is UV radiation. ANSWER: FALSE 7. A permanent change in the nucleotide sequence of DNA is called a mutation. ANSWER: TRUE 8. The acquisition of additional mutations in an expanding (proliferating) clone of cells that have undergone initiating mutation in a cancer-causing gene is known as promotion. ANSWER: FALSE 9. The goal of screening is to detect disease in at-risk populations, before any signs or symptoms of cancer are present. ANSWER: TRUE 10. The most common form of cancer in the USA is skin cancer. ANSWER: TRUE 11. The most common cancer killer in the USA is lung cancer. ANSWER: TRUE 12. Most cancer in the world can be prevented. ANSWER: TRUE [Show More]

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