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Capella University - PM FPX 5332FPX5332_Assessment3-1. MaryCrest Manor Infrastructure Upgrade Phase I PM-FPX5332 Project Management Planning, Execution, and Control

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Schedule, Cost Estimate, and Integrated Change Control Project Name: MaryCrest Manor Infrastructure Upgrade Phase I Sponsor Name: Robert Bodary Project Manager: 1. Schedule After building the WB... S, the project manager needs to develop a schedule based the project deliverables that will include tasks, duration, dependencies, and resources required to complete the work. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to work with key stakeholders (typically through a Steering Team discussion), to establish a mutually agreed upon target go-live date. The Finish and Target Go-live Dates are populated after the schedule is established. Once the go-live date is determined, the project activation/cutover should be added to the Change Management Calendar, which enters a change request ticket in ServiceNow for change management approval. Due to the typical implementation of infrastructure projects at Trinity Health, the waterfall process will be used to manage this project. Because there is a contractual date to have the technical components of this acquisition complete by the end of the first quarter, the schedule will be set from a finish date. There are many moving components to this project. Based on this complexity, it has been decided automatically-schedule tasks and rely on Microsoft Project to help sequence scheduling based on the duration of tasks. To ensure greater control of tasks completion, this project schedule will also include predecessors to ensure that dependent tasks have been completed before started or finished. This project schedule will use the finish-to-start dependency for most of the activity as many items on the schedule require the step before it to be completed before starting the next task [Show More]

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