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What are some visual changes related to aging? lens changes in color (more yellow), more opaque, denser, thinner and less flexible • pupil/iris- does not dilate as fully (more difficult to see in lo... wer light) or contract as quickly (prob. sudden illumination • What are some communication accommodations that can be made for visual deficits? Position objects within visual field • verbal indications of actions about to impart • Large print type • avoiding dim-illumination or glare • What are some hearing changes related to aging? decreased sensitivity to pitch, with high-pitched consonants lost first (t, p, k, f, s, and ch) • Conductive problems - reduction of sound transmission - wave blocked from outer to inner. • Sesorinueral - sound wave transmission interrupted from inner ear to auditory cortex (possible damage to choclea and/or auditory nerve). • What is presbycusis? Old man's hearing - Presbycusis occurs following loss of hair and supporting cells and nerve fibers in the cochlea. • What are some communication accommodations that can be made for hearing deficits? Don't shout • Make use of unimpaired senses • Stand in front of pt in well-lit room • Limit background noise • short sentences, speak clearly • writing, pictograms, other modes • What are some speech/language changes associated with aging? ↓respirations strength, deeper voice and shaky/breathy • ↓saliva, teeth, elasticity and muscle tone may change articulation • cognitive changes may result in fewer words and making more semantic errors • What are some communication accommodations that can be made for speech/language deficits? environment low in distractions • close proximity (maintaining eye-contact) • rephrasing to check for comprehension • What are some somatosensory changes associated with aging? there is a reduction in tactile and vibration sensations as well as decreased sensitivity to warm or cold stimuli as we age , more prevalent in fingertips than other areas • What are some communication accommodations that can be made for somatosensory deficits? When engaging in physical activity with older adults, it is important to use verbal explanations to describe the physical activities as they take place. • What is an AAC? Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC): [Show More]

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