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ATI Nursing Care of Children Final 2020

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Performing a yearly physical on an adolescent. Adolescent’s parents ask about developmental needs, which statement by the parents should the nurse investigate further: He spends several hours a day ... on the internet Caring for a child who has a superficial partial-thickness burns over 50% of his body. Planning for nutritional needs, which should the nurse recognize as an appropriate intervention: Perform dressing changes at least 1 hr before or after meals Caring for a child who has cystic fibrosis, which assessments should the nurse recognize as a priority to report to the primary care provider: inability to clear secretions Preparing a 7 year old for a tonsillectomy, which nursing actions would be appropriate in this preparation: Schedule the child for a preoperative visit to the hospital Caring for a child who has tetralogy of Fallot preoperatively, which laboratory value should the nurse expect to find: Hematocrit of 58% School nurse is assisting a child who has been stung by a bee. Childs hand is swelling and the nurse notes that the child has allergies to insect stings. Which manifestations should the nurse recognize with anaphylaxis: Select all: Nausea, urticaria (hives), stridor Caring for a child who is undergoing a bone marrow aspiration, which response by the child should indicate the nurse that teaching has been effective: Ill have to lie on my belly while its done Preparing to administer an injection to a 2 month old. Which is appropriate site: Vastus lateralis Caring for a toddler who has asthma, parents concerned about the toddlers reaction to the hospitalization, which nursing action should the nurse perform to decrease the stress experienced by the toddler: encourage rooming-in School nurse assessing a child who returned to school following a cases of mononucleosis. Child has a note from primary care provider excusing him from gym class. Most appropriate reason for this excuse: sustaining abdominal trauma Caring for a 10 year old who is obese, Which menu choices are most appropriate: a glass of skim milk, baked fish sandwhich on whole wheat roll with lettuce, and a medium apple Assessing an adolescent who sustained a broken tibia while playing football. Following application of fiberglass cast, the client complains of pain and a tingling feeling in the limb, which is the most appropriate action for the nurse to take: Assess for signs of circulatory impairment and swelling Caring for a 7 year old diagnosed with glomerulonephritis, the child has decreased urnary output and a blood pressure of 160/78 mm Hg. The child is receiving hydralazine (Apresoline). Which lunch choices should the recognize as most appropriate: Grilled chicken on a roll, pear slices, and 4 o [Show More]

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