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HESI Pharmacology Exam | Questions and Answers with Rationales |Highly Rated| Latest 2021 / 2022

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HESI Pharmacology Exam | Questions and Answers with Rationales |Highly Rated| Latest 2021 / 2022 A 2-month-old infant is scheduled to receive the first DPT immunization. What is the preferred inje... ction site to administer this immunization? Vastus lateralis A 3-year-old boy is admitted to the emergency department after ingesting an unknown amount of phenobarbital elixir prescribed for his brother's seizure disorder. Which nursing intervention should the nurse implement first? Take the child's vital signs. A 4-year-old child is receiving chemotherapy for acute lymphocytic leukemia. Which laboratory result should the nurse examine to assess the child's risk for infection? Neutrophil count A 6-year-old child is admitted to the emergency department with status epilepticus. His parents report that his seizure disorder has been managed with phenytoin, 50 mg PO bid, for the past year. Which drug should the nurse plan to administer in the emergency department? Diazepam A 19-year-old male client who has sustained a severe head injury is intubated and placed on assisted mechanical ventilation. To facilitate optimal ventilation and prevent the client from "fighting" the ventilator, the health care provider administers pancuronium bromide IV, with adjunctive opioid analgesia. What medication should be immediately accessible for a potential complication with this drug? Neostigmine bromide A 26-year-old primigravida client is experiencing increasing discomfort and anxiety during the active phase of labor. She requests something for pain. Which analgesic should the nurse anticipate administering? Butorphanol Rationale: Butorphanol is a mixed agonist-antagonist analgesic resulting in good analgesia but with less respiratory depression, nausea, and vomiting compared with opioid agonist analgesics. A 42-year-old client is admitted to the emergency department after taking an overdose of amitriptyline in a suicide attempt. Which drug should the nurse plan to administer to reverse the cardiac and central nervous system effects of amitriptyline? Sodium bicarbonate A 45-year-old female client is receiving alprazolam for anxiety. Which client behavior would indicate that the drug is effective? The staff observes the client sitting in the day room reading a book A 55-year-old client was diagnosed with schizophrenia 5 years earlier. Numerous hospitalizations have occurred since the diagnosis because of noncompliance with the prescribed medication regimen. Which drug might work best for this particular client? Fluphenazine decanoate Rationale: Fluphenazine, an antipsychotic drug that can be given IM, has a rapid onset (1 to 2 hours) and a long duration of action (up to 3 or 4 weeks), so it would be the drug of choice for a noncompliant psychotic client. Option A is an antipsychotic drug used to treat schizophrenia and is usually administered PO (IM doses are shortacting). The client must be compliant in taking this drug for it to be effective. Option B is most effective with manic and depressive bipolar affective disorders. Option D is an antianxiety drug and would not be effective for a psychotic disorder. A 67-year-old client is discharged from the hospital with a prescription for digoxin, 0.25 mg daily. Which instruction should the nurse include in this client's discharge teaching plan? Take and record radial pulse rate daily [Show More]

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